If you would like to send e-mails through an e-mail address with your own domain, make sure that the provider will provide you with access to their SMTP server. The latter is the software which allows e-mail messages to be sent out. SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it deals with all outgoing email messages from programs, webmail and contact web forms. Every time a message is sent out, the SMTP server checks with all the DNS servers worldwide where the e-mails for the receiving domain are managed and once it acquires this info, it creates a connection to the remote POP/IMAP server to check if the recipient mailbox is available. In case it does, the SMTP server transmits the e-mail body and then the receiving server delivers it to the mailbox where the recipient can open it and read it. With no SMTP server on your server, you will not be capable to send out messages in any way.

SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Servers

All our Linux semi-dedicated hosting service feature an SMTP server as a standard, so you will not have to shell out anything further or request access. It is possible to send out emails if you create a mailbox with any of your domain names through your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Our detailed guides will highlight how one can create the email address in an e-mail client and can assist you to troubleshoot and fix any problem if you cannot send out emails for some reason, as we have compiled the most typical problems you may experience as well as their solutions in one place. If you have an e-mail web form of any sort on your web site, all you need to get it to function is to enter the SMTP name as well as your email address. The semi-dedicated server packages are powerful and they'll help you send out a lot of email messages, making them the right choice if you need to send regular newsletters to your customers.